(About Caucascapades)

We are using this site to post about our experience traveling through the Caucasus and any Caucasus-related items of interest including books, recordings, news, found items and artifacts. We are planning on taking trips primarily around Georgia with a few visits to Armenia and Azerbaijan. We will be teaching English in Georgia’s public schools through a program called “Teach and Learn with Georgia.


Ben Wheeler is a musician, composer, and teacher. He has traveled to Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary to record musicians and buy beat-up guitars. His solo work is here: Benwheeler.bandcamp.com and his band’s music is here: Arpeggiator.bandcamp.com

Anna Harbaugh is a writer and Russian history enthusiast. She has lived in Israel and Russia. Her interests include Soviet intellectuals and their relationship to power and interpretations and uses of ethnicity in the former USSR. She likes books by Jewish Chicagoans.




2 responses to “(About Caucascapades)

  1. Max


    I think your project is fascinating. I’m the President of Chicago’s Georgian Folk Choir and I have been singing the polyphonic music of Georgia for the last seven years. Consequently I have also learned much about the surrounding area to see if I could find any connections, musically, between the different regions of the Caucasus. Your videos and blogs are excellent – I have not read them all but I am going through them and they are informative and fun to watch and read.

    Anyway, I couldn’t figure out how to email you guys but your project is right up my alley. I was wondering if I could ask you all a few questions about your project and your experiences with the music. Let me know. My email is max.evrard@gmail.com. Thank you,


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